KRS-One’s Adventures in Emceein’: More than Ringtone Rap

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KRS-One is one of the pioneers of hip-hop music. He started as a member of the duo Boogie Down Productions with DJ Scott La Rock. He is also one of the first hip-hop artists to create a diss record – a trend that is now commonplace in hip hop. Since 1983, KRS-One has delivered solid hip hop to the masses; is he still relevant to this day? On his new album, Adventures In Emceein’, KRS tries to prove that he is just as relevant today as he has been the past 25 years.

On the Intro KRS-One is joined by the equally legendary rapper Rakim. The track is less than twenty seconds in length but starts the album out in the right direction. Earn the money for their next tour.Play simple and interactive betting games at

Today’s Topics features Chuck D of Public Enemy. The song really is not really a rap but a discussion of all the problems that are wrong with the world today. The track is also short in length at under a minute long.

Money features rapper MC Lyte. The song is actually one of the more progressive-sounding tracks on the album. The track features an almost Timbaland kind of sound. Lyrically the verses are very strong however the song just lacks commercial appeal.

The Way It’s Going Down is one of the catchier tracks on the album from a production standpoint. The track is just very strong production-wise and features a more modern rap scheme.

The Real Hip Hop features Queens, New York rapper Nas. Nas delivers one of the stronger verses on the whole album. The track overall is just fairly solid and well delivered.

All Right is also a very progressive featuring hip-hop track featuring rapper and producer Just Blaze. The song just does not to seem to mesh well with KRS-One’s lyrical style.

I Got You is one of the weaker efforts on the album. The beat even borders on annoying with its simplistic production.

Wachanoabout definitely features a much more rock edge to it. The track features Vince Flores on guitar. The track is a hyper and energetic effort which is definitely solid.

Adventures In Emceein’ is a solid hip-hop album. The songs will definitely not appeal to fans of “ringtone rap.” However, those looking for a more old-school approach to rap will gravitate toward this album. Adventures In Emceein’ gets 7.5 out of 10 stars. If you are a fan of KRS-One, make sure you pick up his new album Adventures In Emceein’ when it is available in stores on February 19.

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