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Best Adventure Blogs To Plan Your Travel

A blog is a great place to share your travel stories and photos with others. Adventure blogs such as often feature different types of travel like hiking, adventure sports and traveling abroad.

They may also include destination guides, gear reviews, and trip reports. These articles can be helpful for other travelers planning their adventures and travels.

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel is an adventure travel company that arranges trips in Asia, Europe and North America. They offer a range of trip styles, including short breaks and family holidays to adventure cruising and expeditions.

Intrepid is committed to sustainable and enriching travel experiences. They use local transport, accommodation, and 100% local leaders. They encourage travelers, in turn, to fully immerse them in the culture and traditions of their destination.

The majority of their adventures are small groups, ranging from 10 to 16 people in most cases, which allows more time for local exploration and fostering cultural immersion. Additionally, they employ English-speaking local leaders who are more like guides and can take groups off the beaten path to see hidden gems or get under the skin of a place.

For many travelers, the best thing about travel is being able to meet new people and explore with them. Intrepid travels are for those who are adventurous and want to make new friends. You could even make a bit of money while enjoying the trip, simply by playing some fun sports betting games via

Charli Moore

Charli Moore is an editor and freelance writer who writes about adventure travel. She has a bad case for wanderlust and is on an adventure to inspire you next vacation with destination guides from around the globe and travel photography.

She is based in Nevis and her blog is a well-rounded mixture of her favorite things, the outdoors, travel, food, and her passion for putting smiles on people’s faces. She’s a qualified PADI Dive Master, keen runner, and peanut butter connoisseur, and she loves to share her adventures with others.

Her most recent travels took them to the Caribbean. And she’s bringing us along. Check out her upcoming posts, including everything from the best hikes in the region to island-side spa treatments.

Moore, who began the house-sitting job in 2012, writes about her experiences. She blogs to help fund her travels and says her most memorable house sitting experience was taking care a tarantula.

She is currently based at Nevis, but plans on visiting more remote destinations as time permits. She’s a huge fan of the Caribbean, and she’s on the hunt for an island that’s big enough to fit her family. It’s a tall order, but we’re sure she’ll find it.

The Path

Off the Path, an adventure blog, aims at providing information about destinations around the globe, particularly those not often visited by tourists. Sebastian Canaves, a Mallorcan born man who has lived in ten of the world’s most popular destinations and travelled to over one hundred.

Off The Path is a great site for anyone who wants to travel to different parts the world. Its articles are filled with unique details about the culture and people of the places you’re going to visit. It is also a great resource to those who want to find the best vacation deals.

Off the beaten path is defined as “in a location that’s away form a central area or less popular.” This means you should be ready to travel to places that might not be the usual tourist destinations. This includes places like restaurants and other establishments which aren’t located on the main streets.

Bearfoot Theory

Bearfoot Theory is a blog about outdoor adventures that inspires everyday adventurers to explore the outdoors and live their best life. Founded by Kristen Bor in 2014, the site offers relatable advice and handy tips for beginners. From tips on packing for a weekend trip to the latest in backcountry gear, this site has it all.

Hiking can be an excellent way to reduce stress levels and improve your health. You should plan and prepare well in advance for any hiking trip. You can enjoy a safe and enjoyable hike outdoors by checking the weather conditions before you go. If you have asthma, find out how to stay safe while hiking as well as when to seek medical assistance.

Uncharted Backpacker

Unchartered Backpacker ranks high among adventure blogs because of its extensive collection of articles, photos, and videos. Anyone who is looking to go on an adventure of their own should also read it. This site has all the essential resources and tips you need to make the most out of your backpacking adventure. The best part is, it’s free to read!

She Explores

She Explores is an empowering community that connects women from all walks of life with each other and the outdoors. She Explores shares stories and outdoor tips from women of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles through their website, blog, as well as podcast.

She Explores also publishes books. These are short stories that have been curated by their community. These books feature stories by women who travel, bike, hike, or backpack the world according to their own schedules.

A visually stunning and emotionally satisfying book, She Explores will inspire you to discover new landscapes, take a leap of faith, and find your community in the outdoors. The book includes the stories of 40 diverse women on unforgettable journeys in nature: solo hiking, camping, biking, road trips, and more.

Gale Straub is an adventurous and curious woman who founded She Explores. She quit her job in accounting in 2014 to travel across North America in a van she shared with Jon. After a year spent on the road, she launched She Explores in order to create a space that encourages curiosity and creativity among women who love the outdoors.

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