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Travel Guide to the Most Important City of the Dominican Republic

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The most important city of the Valley of El Cibao in the Dominican Republic is Santiago de los Caballeros (Santiago of the Gentlemen). The Cibaeños, inhabitants of these lands, feel very proud to belong to this northern region, the most fertile of all the Dominican Republic. Earn the money for your next trip by playing simple and interactive betting games at ทางเข้าufabet.

The landscape in this region is really amazing. You can get there very easily in vehicle through the freeway Duarte from Santo Domingo, the capital. It is a well-fixed road that recently has been improved to connect the capital with the productive region of El Cibao.

Santiago is a city with a lot more order than Santo Domingo. Their inhabitants, near a million, speak of their city with pride. In fact, this land was preferred by Christopher Columbus. Here, the Spanish conquerors believed that they would be able to find the gold that they sought. One must cite that the city was destroyed in 1562 by a great earthquake. Due to this it was reconstructed to the other margin of the river Yaque del Norte. The subsequent attacks of the pirates during the 18th century delayed the growth of the city that nowadays is one of the most important centers of business in the country.

All of the cities of the Dominican Republic are surrounded with scenic parks. In Santiago, El parque Duarte, is one of the prettiest. The park is surrounded by strong trees that cover the seats with shadows. You can enjoy a good ice cream or a soft drink while your there. Carriages are also available or at this point you could take a good walk in the city.

The Valley of El Cibao is famous for its cultivations of tobacco and the craft elaboration which are recognize worldwide. There are numerous factories of tobacco in the zone. Pure cigars at a very good price can be acquired. Also you will be able to find them in the remainder of the country. Tobaccos La Aurora and Don Esteban are two of the most traditional.

One of the most busy streets of the city is La calle del Sol. It is truly a great commercial and financial place where there are endless stores, banks and some of the best bars of the city. The Center of Culture, the National theater, the Model Market and the Monument to the Heroes of the Restoration of the Republic are places obliged to see and to visit in this city.

Another of the most important cities of El Cibao with its tranquil population is La Vega. To the south of Santiago and with 70,000 inhabitants it is another of the most prosperous cities of this region. Among others things which emphasize the history of Santiago are the historic buildings like El Palacio de la Justicia and El teatro La Progresista. The Carnival de La Vega is considered to be the best of all the country.

Santiago de los Caballeros is a great destination for pleasure or business.

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