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Unusual Adventures Offered in the Ozark Mountain Town of Eureka Springs, AR


There are a few tried and true places, like the Crescent Hotel and Thorncastle Chapel, that every tourist in Eureka Springs must visit. However, there are many wonderful sights and sounds that many people miss. If the crowds at the popular attractions have you pulling your hair out, there are attractions that are less crowded. While you are enjoying the trip, you could always make money on the side by playing some fun and interactive คลิกที่นี่ online. 

The Bank of Eureka Springs at 70 South Main is a recreation of an early 1900s bank. Founded in 1912, the Bank of Eureka Springs survived the Great Depression, and for a time was the only bank left in Eureka Springs. While it is no longer in its original location, the building is period accurate. The bank features brass teller cages and the original oak desk and chairs of Claude Fuller, an early bank president.

One of many buildings in Eureka Springs listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Quigley’s Castle was built by Elise Quigley during the Great Depression and World War II. She so loved nature that she designed a house that would allow her to be surrounded by nature. Glass was rationed during the war, so the original construction was completed without the 32 windows included in Quigley’s original design. The windows were added after the war. The stones that cover the castle belonged to the collection that Quigley had spent a lifetime acquiring. The garden features over 400 varieties of flowers. Elise Quigley’s granddaughter and her family still live in the castle and open it for tours and picnics from April 1 through October 31. Quigley’s Castle is located on Arkansas 23 South.

In addition to the many historic designations, Eureka Springs is also mentioned in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not more than any other city in the world. St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church, sandwiched on a tier of land between the Crescent Hotel and the Carnagie Library, is one of the most architecturally unique church’s in the world. Visitor’s enter the chapel through the Bell Tower and walk down a 100 foot sidewalk to enter the main part of the church. The 14 stations of the cross are depicted in Italian Marble on the right hand side of the walkway. The altar and several statues are from the first Catholic Church in the town. Visits are free.

For unique gifts, two of the most unusual shops in Eureka Springs are Saucy Sittin Place and Frog Fantasy. Saucy Sittin Place at 82 Spring Street offers over 300 varieties of hot sauce, and Frog Fantasy at 151 Spring Street features frogs in every material, size, shape and color. Frog Fantasy has been in Eureka Springs for over 60 years.

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